RTA Permitted, Attractive Vehicle Advertisement in Dubai


RTA Permitted, Attractive Vehicle Advertisement in Dubai

Vehicle wrapping means covering the body of the vehicle with a vinyl sheet designed with logos and other information related to a company, product, or service. Hire an appropriate service provider of car wrapping in Dubai that follows the rules and regulations defined by The Roads and Transport Authority.

Vehicle advertising in Dubai gets approved after the inspection by The Roads and Transport Authority RTA. You should have to take prior approval before covering your vehicle’s body with stickers or vinyl, it is mandatory in Dubai. The advertisement permit work starts after the design of the advertisement because the RTA will review every information written on it.

Different Types of Vehicle Wrapping Permit

Covering your vehicle with different types of branding solutions includes:

Logo or Trade Name Permit

This permit includes the application of only the logo or the trade name of the company on the vehicle. It is a simple way of advertising the name of your company, brand, or public institution. The name can be displayed in English or native Arabic language. It includes branding on the doors of the vehicle and sometimes on the backside of the vehicle.

You can also display some additional information with the name and logo which is the address, email, contact number, and website of the company.

Half or Partial Wrapping Permit

Under this type of wrapping the branding is done on both sides of the vehicle. The trade name needs to be displayed in both English and Arabic language. The fees of RTA are also the same for the logo or trade name permit and this half or partial wrap permit but it may depend on the type of vehicle.

Full Body Wrapping Permit

When the graphics or the vinyl sheet is covering all sides of the vehicle’s body it is known as the full-body wrapping of the vehicle. In this type of wrapping the stickers the not allowed on the side and rear windows for safety measures. The name of the brand needs to be displayed in English and Arabic language. You may also require the approval of Dubai Police in the full-body car or van wrapping in Dubai.

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