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Al Rizq Advertising is one of the best signage manufacturers in Dubai with branch in Abu Dhabi. With over 23 years of experience in Dubai – UAE. We are an ISO and OHSAS Certified Company with inception in the year 1998. Al Rizq is also one of the very few Sign companies which has been certified by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce as a trusted and audited sign manufacturer. With our wide range of signage solutions, we constantly update and innovate, becoming a top sign board supplier in the area. From Outdoor 3D Sign Boards to Neon Signs & Led Screen Suppliers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, We have everything you need here at Al Rizq Advertising.

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Government Approvals for Signboard in Dubai Abu Dhabi – UAE

Installing a sign board in Dubai or in any emirate of UAE without proper prior approvals from relevant authorities is not allowed and can attract fines from Government authorities.

There are many factors that determine which authority approvals are required for your signboard. A few of the criteria listed are limited to as below, but not complete:-

  1. a) Which type of Trade License do you hold
  2. b) Which part of UAE is your company based in
  3. c) Even within Dubai, which business zone are you in like mainland, JAFZA, etc.
  4. d) What type of sign board are you fixing, like building name, trade name, Building facade sign, Pylon Sign, etc.
  5. e) Whether, it’s a Rooftop sign or just a high level sign
  6. f) Is your company logo / name trademark registered
  7. g) Whether you wish to install only your company name or some other brand name your company is authorized with.


If in Dubai, there are signs which require DED (Dubai Economic Department) approvals. And then there are other signs which would require Dubai Municipality approvals. Generally, Dubai Municipality approvals would require for a rooftop sign, complete wind calculations, structural designs, Structural calculations, etc to be submitted on their official portal by a registered sign manufacturing company.

Further it should be noted that the rules may change from time to time and it is always best to use a professional sign making company to manage all your approvals from scratch till end to avoid any problems.

Finally, also make sure the sign company you hire also takes the necessary permission from RTA prior to installation. Again, this can be secured for you by a professional sign manufacturing company.

RTA has strict rules to apply for a permit prior to the installation of a signboard if the sign is being fixed using the common RTA property. There is also a cash deposit to be paid to RTA as part of the approvals. This is mainly to ensure that the sign contractor uses scientific and proper safe ways for the installation of signs without damaging any public property. Then again, if your sign is being fixed next to the Metro lines, the rules for applying for permit change.

As a sign manufacturing company for over 23 years in UAE, we provide end-to-end solutions and we also undertake all your signboard /signage approvals from all relevant government authorities and our professional dedicated PRO takes care of this.

Based on the type of signboard, our professional team would first make a site survey, understand the requirements from the client on their needs.  These details will be then passed to our design team. Our design team will make the necessary artwork/rendering for client approvals. Once approved by the clients these signboard designs will then be submitted to relevant authorities for approval. Once approved the client has to make the necessary payment along with our company PRO fees to the relevant government authorities directly or through the sign company.

We always encourage all our customers to take Proper government approvals prior to confirming the start of the production. This will help you avoid any loss, in case there are any changes suggested by the government department on the designs.

We create custom signs for indoor and outdoor use for your business or event! We offer a wide selection of personalized signage options, sizes, shapes, and materials. We are the Best Signboard Company, Led Signage Dubai, Signage Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

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