Braille Signs

Patented ADA-Compliant/Braille Signage

The objective of creating special Tactile Signs (Braille Signs, Raised Pictograms, etc) is to make the public facilities, sites, building, wayfinding signs easily accessible and usable by the people of determination. Braille Signs, are intended to have long life, especially at places such as lift controls, toilet signs, floor directories and hotel room door numbers. At Al Rizq, we are specialized into producing ADA Compliant Braille signages. With our in-house facility to manufacture and install all types of signage including braille, we are one of the very unique sign company in the Middle east to help you meet your requirements covering the entire area of GCC.

Braille signs should be a must to be used at all the locations where it is accessible to common people.

  • Toilets and showers—both general and specifically accessible facilities
  •  Elevators—controls and floor indicators
  •  Numbers on stair landing hand rails to allow identification of floors
  •  Office and hotel room name/number plates
  •  Emergency doors, routes and exits
  •  Emergency evacuation instructions
  •  Cautionary signage
  •  Floor and building directories
  •  Door controls on public transportation vehicles—emergency and standard
  •  Free telephones in shopping malls
  •  Bus stop, interchanges and train platform numbers
  •  Signage in marae and places of worship
  •  Operating instructions e.g. for vending machines or toilets
  •  Offices and meeting rooms
  •  Libraries
  •  Shopping malls
  •  Reception areas
  • Enteances to buildings


We recommend that braille, high contrast tactile print and large print signage be provided in all public accessed buildings and spaces. These include, but are not limited toThe signs being installed should not only be Braille but tactile with raised pictograms as well. The color for the signs and the fonts should be such that it is easily be readable by partially sighted people too. Braille is a system of touch reading and writing in which the alphabet is represented by the arrangement of six dots in a space called a cell.