Why Every Business Needs an On-Premise Outdoor Sign

Why Every Business Needs an On-Premise Outdoor Sign


Why Every Business Needs an On-Premise Outdoor Sign

You might have heard a lot about the benefits of exterior signage, but you could be a bit unsure and hesitant about whether or not you need to get one for your business as well. Don’t worry, because, in this post, we are going to be looking at why every business needs an outdoor sign.

Brand Identity

One of the primary and fundamental reasons why a company needs to have an outdoor sign is for creating and defining the brand identity. If a popular store chain decides to open up an outlet in a new location, no one will know who they are unless they put up some prominent signage describing the company’s name and tagline.

Without a sign, a business premise is just a building and nothing else.

Cost-effective and Affordable Advertising

Another benefit that makes signages important and worth getting is their cost-benefit ratio. Spending money on long-lasting, eloquent, and prominent exterior signage is far more lucrative and advantageous than opting for other advertising methods such as digital and print marketing.

An outdoor sign usually lasts for up to 7-8 years. And the average cost of installing an electronic one is around $30,000 (these are, by the way, one of the most expensive ones).

This aspect alone shows us how effective this can be for your company’s advertising. Instead of doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars on an annual basis for promotional efforts, you can make a much smaller investment and enjoy the benefits for several years to come.

Another excellent thing about advertising with signages is that there is little or no risk of causing any annoyance to your potential clientele. When people are forced to look at a promotion or an ad, there is a chance that they can get frustrated. And if that happens, it’s not good news for your business.

Signboards don’t require passersby to make any effort other than just lifting and turning their necks. People walking on the pavement, cyclists, passengers in a car, or commuters in a bus; all can get an easy glimpse of your brand name without a hassle.

Describing your Company’s Quality

Generally, people create an impression of a company or business in their minds just by looking at the outdoor sign. If the signage is nicely colored and stylishly written, the automatic impression that will come into the viewer’s mind will be that the company is worth visiting.

However, if the company signboard is poorly made, or if there is none at all, you won’t be able to create this type of an impact on your potential customers.

Considering the above, it should also be noted that while every business should have a prominent signboard displayed on the premises, it should be well-chosen. Things like the material, wording, and lettering should be on-point and perfect.

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