Top Compelling Reasons why People Choose Wrapping Over Painting

Top Compelling Reasons why People Choose Wrapping Over Painting


Top Compelling Reasons why People Choose Wrapping Over Painting

In a short time, wrapping has become a viable alternative to painting.  If you have ever seen cars with vibrant, wild, and sometimes weird colors and crazy graphics, chances are you have seen one with wrapping on it. Car wrapping Dubai is a thriving business now. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people prefer wrapping over painting now.

1- It is cheaper:

Everything boils down to economics. Wrapping is way less cheap than a paint job. Painting a car can cost you anywhere between US$3,000-20,000 depending on the quality of paint and the job’s complexity. In comparison, wrapping will cost you between US$3,000-5,000 for the most premium quality.

2- Protection:

Wrapping protects your car. And it’s not just from scratches, abrasion, etc. The wrapping film can absorb hits from small rocks too. You will remain safe in case of a severe hailstorm or landslide incident.

3- Customization:

It is one of the top reasons why people are drawn towards wrapping. The choices are endless when it comes to colors, finishes, effects, and crazy customizations. People go for all sorts of graphics with wrapping sheets. Wrapping has made vehicle branding Dubai very easy. Companies use it for marketing their products. Car sticker Dubai is used by companies to convey all sorts of product placements and even social messages.

4- It’s removable:

Don’t forget that, unlike a paint job, wrapping is removable. You can change it every few months and give your car a new color and look that is trending. It has made car branding Dubai a piece of cake, and many people are experimenting with it.

wrapping over painting

5- Durability:

If you take good care of your car wrapping, it will stay in mint condition for a very long time, unlike a paint job. You only need to keep it clean from dust, wash it, and cover it when not using the car or parking in the sunlight. All pretty standard, but the results will be there with you for a long time.

6- Vinyl lettering:

With wrapping, it is so easy to print graphics and vinyl lettering on your car. That is why it is now used for vehicle branding Dubai by most companies. The images come out looking great on a wrapping, and you know how it would look, which is unlike paint.

7- Resale value:

Wrapping will increase your car’s resale value because the original color will remain fully protected and in perfect condition under the wrapping sheet. You can remove the wrapping when you want to sell your car, and the original paint will come out unscathed from under it.

8- Less time:

A paint job requires close to two weeks to finish, while you can have the car ready with wrapping in 3-5 days. It is a great relief for those with only one vehicle to commute and cannot afford to have it engaged for two weeks.

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