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Tips to Design Prominent 3D Sign Boards


Tips to Design Prominent 3D Sign Boards

Sign boards work as an advocate for your company. The better way you present your sign board, the better your company looks in the eyes of customers. That is why companies now try to make more realistic sign boards. And that is where 3D sign boards come into action. Following are some tips that will help you design prominent 3D sign boards.

Proper Resemblance

The most fundamental principle of having a sign board is to make it easy for customers to find you. So if you go for an attractive design, but it does not align with your company theme, then the total design is a loss. Rather, you should go for sign boards that resemble your company to its core. As a result, when people look at the sign boards, it will immediately remind them of your company instead of making them think for a while. Outdoor signage companies in Dubai follow this method.

Keep It Simple

You don’t want to present your company as a complicated one. Some amateur designers go for complicated designs just to prove their excellence in the field. However, it rather proves their disability in achieving customers’ attention. When you keep the sign board simple, people will look at it with ease, and it will give them an idea of comfort. As a result, they will be more comfortable visiting your company. This tip is even more applicable when it comes to 3D designs. 3D sign boards are already quite challenging to design. So if you can keep it simple, both designing cost and effectiveness will be on your behalf.

Keep the Purpose in Mind

A sign board can be used for different purposes. Based on the purpose of the sign board, its design should vary. For example, if it is for advertising, colorful and creative designs will suit it better. On the other hand, if the purpose is to provide customers with the direction towards your store, it is better to use just the sign pointing towards the direction. This way, the sign won’t be misunderstood as something else, and the customers can easily follow the direction.

Proper Color Use

When it comes to sign board designs, color is the most fundamental element. To provide the best look with colors, sign board makers in Dubai use contrasting colors on the sign board. The background of the sign board and the typography should be of the opposite color. Also, you need to make sure that the color suits your company logo or theme.

Writing Style

As the sign board will surely hold your company name, you need to be creative with the writing style, as well. Use the exact font that your company name holds. If there is no exact font, you can go for the one that goes with the placement of the sign board. Also, make sure to have proper spacing between two letters and words so that customers can easily recognize you.

3D sign board in Dubai is more effective than usual 2D sign boards if you can design them prominently. Hopefully, the tips we shared will help you a lot in this case. If you are planning to get a 3D signboard, Al Rizq Advertising could be your ultimate solution. Their professional service could ensure the proper 3D signboard for your business.