The Successful Design of a Restaurant’s Outdoor Sign

The Successful Design of a Restaurant’s Outdoor Sign


The Successful Design of a Restaurant’s Outdoor Sign

All the signage companies in Dubai are into restaurant signboards. The city has a thriving food scene, and new restaurants keep popping up. And, every restaurant worth its salt needs a signboard. Here, we talk about how you can take the maximum benefit out of your restaurant exterior signage and make it more beneficial for your business.

Visibility is the key:

The first thing you expect from your restaurant board signage is visibility. It should be mounted in such a place and at such a height that it is easily visible. Rooftops or high points on walls, poles, tree branches are suitable. Sometimes, the sign gets too high, or trees, poles, hanging wires, etc., can block the view. To address this problem, place another company signboard at eye level. It will ensure that maximum people view it.

The bigger, the better:

Signage boards need to be big and bold. You want to make a statement with your signboard. It makes sense to have a big sign; otherwise, it can get lost in the company of other signboards that will be in and around it. Always go for a big sign for as much as you can.

 Angles and alternate views are crucial points too:

Sometimes the restaurant’s location is such that the signboard needs to be placed on certain angles to be visible. For example, a corner location would require a signboard visible on all sides.

Use eye-catching colors:

The colors are very critical for exterior signage. They attract onlookers. Use contrasting colors. For example, black background and white color. The colors should also resonate well with your restaurant’s theme and target audience. For instance, if your clientele comprises young adults, use vibrant and bright colors to give an upbeat feel.

Be careful of what you write:

An average passerby looks at a billboard for hardly six seconds or even less. So, you need to put in pertinent information on the board to capture attention. It should be relevant, precise, and concise. Do not write useless information as your audience does not have that much time. Be specific and be direct.

Motion and animation for grabbing attention:

For the restaurants business, it’s all about making the customer notice your brand and name. Now technology has made it possible to produce signs that are animated. You can use playful images, lights, blinking texts, and anything relevant to your restaurant’s theme and would do well to attract potential customers.

Erasable boards for writing menu etc.:

Several roadside cafes have placed a board outside their main entrance to write special offers, their specialties, the day’s menu, etc. As this information keeps n changing, it is better to use a chalkboard for this purpose. It helps in dispensing useful information and attracting clients.

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