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Requirements for Braille & ADA Sign


Requirements for Braille & ADA Sign

ADA means Americans with Disabilities Act. It is an act that prohibits the discrimination of the disabled and allows them to have the common rights as every average citizen. According to this act, there are a number of things mentioned which allow the ones with deformities to live everyday life as others. Even there are special Braille and ADA signs which have specific requirements according to the act. The best sign board suppliers in Dubai can help you to create signages according to the ADA.

What are the buildings that require such Braille and ADA signs?

There are a number of buildings and places that need such signs. Some of the buildings are mentioned as follows-

  • Restaurants and bars
  • Sales or retail establishments
  • Service establishments
  • Theaters
  • Places of lodging
  • Recreation facilities
  • Assembly areas
  • Private museums
  • Places of education
  • Office buildings
  • Factories

Where should it be mounted?

According to Section §703.4 there are a number of places where these signs should be mounted. The main requirements are-

  • It should be mounted along with the door just beside the latch.
  • Eighteen inches by 18 inches minimum clear floor space is needed.
  • The main tactile characters on the signs must be of the size 48 inches minimum.

What if there is no more space to Mount the ADA sign?

Braille and ADA signs

There are a number of cases when there is no more mounting space available near the latch of the door. When there is no space on the left side, there is a provision to mount on the right side. Even if there is no specific door, then there is also an option to mount the sign on the adjacent wall. Talking specifically of the Braille sign, it must be hung in the center near 18 inches by inch.

What are the requirements for double door sign hanging?

Mounting the sign on a double door requires exceptional help from braille signs manufacturing Dubai. Hence you will have to look for the best possible assistance to get these requirements done.

The requirements are-

  • If there is an inactive door, the main sign must be hung in the center of the active door. Most of the sign makers in Dubai provide this option.
  • If both of the doors are working equally, then you must use the right door for mounting.
  • If there are swinging doors present, you must mount a sign on the outside of the arc swing.

Can these signs be mounted on ceilings and walls?

When it comes to the first choice, signs must not be mounted on ceilings. But when we talk of the situations where such a mounting is necessary, then the requirements are as follows-

  • When you want to hang the sign to the ceiling, it is needed to be 80 inches above the floor.
  • No emergency block must be blocked.

We mentioned some of the most important requirements for Braille and ADA signs. All these requirements are essential to keep in mind when we talk of such signages. The rizqgroup keeps all such points in mind to provide you the best signages.