Promote Your Brand with Personalized Car Wrapping in Dubai


Promote Your Brand with Personalized Car Wrapping in Dubai

Vehicle wrapping or advertising means covering the outer surface of the vehicle with stickers or graphics. There is no other form of advertisement that can be lower in cost as compared to car wrapping. So a car advertisement is very cost-effective and you can promote your brand wherever you want or whenever you want. You are free to promote your brand at the desired location at the desired time.

car wrapping in Dubai
car wrapping in Dubai
Vehicle Branding and Wrapping in Dubai
Vehicle Branding and Wrapping in Dubai
Car Wrapping Dubai
Car Wrapping Dubai

Multiple Types of Vehicle Branding

In this modern world, the way of advertising is also changing. The modern ways of advertising are preferred over the traditional ways of advertising. Some of the ways of vehicle advertisement are:

Van Wrapping

Vehicles like vans are a good option for promoting your brand, company, or product and creating a positive image for it. It is a great opportunity to enhance your business with van wrapping in Dubai. The vans can also be used for transportation purposes as well as it will promote your brand on the go.

Car Wrapping

Decorate the exterior surface of your car with attractive artwork that is specially designed to promote your brand, product, or services. Whatever the duration of time you will spend on the traffic will be a time of quality promotion for your brand or company. It is an exceptional way to reach thousands of audience we just a little effort of driving the car.

Bus Wrapping

Some vehicles like buses, tramways, or railway having large surfaces are a great option to promote your brand. Also, the number of public using public transport facilities is huge so your brand, service, or product can reach a wider audience within a little effort. The publicity of your brand will definitely increase with this kind of marketing strategy.

Kinds of Vehicle Wrapping

There are different types of vehicle wrapping as per your requirement and demand, let us discuss them:

Full Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping is used to cover your vehicle completely. This wrap can be used on each curve or bend present on the vehicle’s body. Full body vinyl is the best medium of vehicle advertisement and it will also work as the protector for the vehicle’s body. You can get it removed whenever you want.

Partial Wrapping

Partial wrapping is cost-effective as compared to full vehicle wrapping. You can go with the wrapping of the selected parts of a vehicle like the doors, hood, or backside of the vehicle. In this way, you can still promote your brand or company and save costs from the full-body wrapping of the vehicle.

Hire Al Rizq Advertising for Effective Car Wrapping in Dubai

We are offering a custom-designed car sticker in Dubai with the help of our experienced and professional team you will get your desired design. After the designing phase is over the second phase is getting approval from the RTA Roads and Transport Authority. It will go through the design made and check the eligibility of using that design publically on the vehicles.

Once the approval is granted by RTA the final or last phase is of application or pasting. The stickers and the vinyl made is applied to the vehicle. This part is conducted with a highly qualified and professional team. Al Rizq Advertising is serving in this industry for more than 22 years and we have a dedicated team of workers. They can transform a simple vehicle into the most attractive and eye-catchy vehicle. Convey your requirements with us and avail of the services of Car Wrapping in Dubai.