Make Your Premises Accessible with Signs for Blind People in Dubai

Make Your Premises Accessible with Signs for Blind People in Dubai


Make Your Premises Accessible with Signs for Blind People in Dubai

The term used for indicating the signs for blind people is braille signs. Signs in your business premises can offer different advantages for your business.

They not only make your commercial premises accessible for the visually impaired people but also make your premises ADA compliances fulfilled. ADA stands for The Americans with Disability Act.

This act makes rules and regulations for making any public premises like facilities, buildings, and various other things accessible for the people who are suffering from a physical disability. The different kinds of signs that you can indicate using braille signs are restroom, no-smoking zone, male or female toilet, room numbers, fire extinguisher, and many more things can be conveyed using these signs.

These signs are suitable for hospitals, offices, and hotels. You can also use signs in fitness centers, gift shops, snack areas, waiting rooms, malls, and at various other premises. These signs make facilities locating those people very easy and convenient.

If you are wondering about how these signs work, let us tell you that visually impaired people can read the instruction using the tactile touch. It is written in the language in which is used by the blind or partially sighted people. Due to their low vision, people cannot enjoy being to these places, but braille signs make all the places accessible for these people.

You have to search for a trusted and reliable company offering the services of signs for people of determination in Dubai. An experienced company understands the importance of these kinds of signs. They can manufacture effective signage by keeping in mind your needs. Braille or tactile sings are available for every kind of instruction, you just have to share your requirement.

Get Professional Services from Al Rizq Advertising

Al Rizq Advertising is the leading signage manufacturing company offering signs for blind people in Dubai. We have a professional team to design and install those signs at your business premises. For the last 22 years, we have been offering effective signage solutions to a variety of businesses. Additionally, We have achieved the title of ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our aim behind providing these kinds of signage is to make the public sites. We want business places accessible for visually impaired persons.

We are experts in designing ADA compliant Braille Signs.  As a professional signage provider, we are serving a wide range of signage to fulfill your every kind of requirement. Our in-house talented persons can manufacture signage according to your needs. Additionally, they can also install signage at the most visible place for the best results. Share your requirement with us and we will fetch the best results with our knowledge and skills.