Key Factors That Affect Light Box Sign Prices

Key Factors That Affect Light Box Sign Prices


Key Factors That Affect Light Box Sign Prices

Light box signs play a vital role in presenting your business to the viewers in that area. The sign drags attention to your business all day and night long. When coming to the price of such light box signs, a few key factors play a vital role in affecting the light box sign prices.

1. The Box Size

As one can easily assume, bigger-size boxes require more materials and resources to build them. Hence, they cost more than smaller boxes. The labor cost also increases with the size due to the higher time it takes to construct. The thickness of the box also matters. As a whole, there are a few sub-factors relating to the size of the box that makes a signage supplier in Dubai demand a higher price.

2. The Shape of the Light Box

The light box must have a specific shape. Now, if the shape is round or square, it makes them cheaper. But sometimes, especially when the shape of the light box is your company logo, things may get more complex. In those cases, the price increases with the complexity of the shape. But most companies now use the shape of the light box that best represents their company. Hence, the cost highly depends on the company’s logo.

3. Materials of the Box

The box can be made up of different types of materials. The price of the light box sign also depends on what material it is made of. For example, the most two common materials are acrylic and Lexan. Signboard makers in Dubai mostly use them due to their high-end looks. For larger box signs, sign manufacturers Dubai usually use Lexan. But for medium or small box signs, acrylic is used. If you want a clear sign box, it is better to go with the acrylic ones. On the other hand, Lexan sign boxes will withstand rough and tough weather conditions. Now in terms of price, Lexan will cost you more due to its high durability, while acrylic will cost you less.

4. Complexity of the Sign Box

It is maybe the most crucial factor when it comes to the complexity of the sign box. The complexity may be in different manners. For example, it can be the illumination options or whether you want both sides to be the display or just one side.

Light Box Sign

As easily assumable, box signs with two-sided displays will cost more than one-sided ones. However, if you want more exposure, it is better to have a box sign with a two-sided display. Then comes another important part of the complexity. That is the illumination of the light box sign. You may want to illuminate the whole box or just the typography on it. This partial vs full lighting causes a misunderstanding of the cost. While you may think that partial lighting will cause less, most of the time, it is the opposite. To get the end result of partial lighting, the sign board suppliers in Dubai need to cut out pieces, which ultimately takes more effort and time, making it a costlier option.

When going for a light box sign, check out the different options according to the price they will cost you. Comparing each option will lead you to the best light box sign for your company.

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