Inform your Customers about your Products with Outdoor Signage

Inform your Customers about your Products with Outdoor Signage


Inform your Customers about your Products with Outdoor Signage

As any signage supplier in Dubai would tell, outdoor board signage is one of the significant ways to attract customers. It carries immense benefits, as a study shows that a person passing in his car is likely to respond to exterior signage in 1.5 to 3 seconds. It shows how essential it is to have outdoor signs. Let’s discuss this theme in detail here;

Location of the sign:

It is the top consideration for any external signs. It must be placed where a maximum number of people can see it. Be it on the rooftop, wall, balcony, or anywhere else. It must attain a suitable height. Once there, you can also run a test by asking passersby if they see it or not? If the answer is negative, consider moving the location of the sign.

Legible and visible:

To make your outdoor sign readable, use text and fonts that are easy to understand. They should be bold enough to be visible and legible from afar too. Don’t go for overly stylized texts. Here, simplicity should be the guiding principle. Otherwise, your efforts will go to waste.

Use brilliant color contrasts:

To attract attention, use bright and bold colors. More importantly, use a contrast of striking and captivating colors. Black and white are universal favorites. Likewise, yellow and blue, red and yellow, etc., are also equally good. In any way, go for a color combo that captures viewers’ eyes.

Avoid overly long messages:

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While putting a copy on the signboard, make it concise and erudite. Try to communicate in as few words as possible. Do not write long messages; the viewers have a short attention span and will get bored and lose interest in your message. Always be on the point and never beat about the bush.

Use your words intelligently:

While writing on your signboard, try to use impactful words. They should catch the customer’s fancy and make him stop and read the whole ad. The words should resonate with your audience. Try to be personal develop a rapport with the customer. Use words like “you,” “yours,” “I,” “me,” or “us.” They create a personal effect and make people relate to the ad.

Advertise the benefits of your product:

In a signboard, advertise your product by selling its benefits. State how people can benefit from purchasing your product. What can be the comparative advantages, and how will you lose if you do not buy it. In this way, your ad is likely to fetch you more benefits.

Brag about yourself:

Don’t be modest or humble on a signboard. Appear boastful and even arrogant. You need to attract attention and go to any extent to do that. Never be afraid to take risks.

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