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Indoor Signs – A brand re-emphasis


Indoor Signs – A brand re-emphasis

Indoor signage and its impact on your incoming

Your indoor signage is a gateway for you to start the journey of your incoming visitor. The first point, that your employee, client or any stake holder would build an impression upon.

Your indoor sign, layout should reflect the consistency the visitor has brought in from the impression one has created before entering in. This impression is made even before the visitor has ever spoken to the first available representative.

These indoor signs are then of various types:-

  1. Reception signs
  2. Wayfinding signs
  3. Brand enhancement signs

Reception signs are generally as the name suggest, the first sign, that is seen upon entering the premises, confirming your presence in the right place.

Larger office areas, ball rooms, theaters, hospitals, etc would further require wayfinding signs to guide the visitors, to their right destinations without the help of a real assistant.

Of course, depending on the size of the locations, certain signs might be repeatedly required, reconfirming the direction the visitor is heading to.

Brand enhancement signs are all those signs that you would keep putting along the way, to give more confidence / feel-good feeling to visitor and making them fall in love with your journey.