Impactful Branding with Vehicle Advertisement in Dubai

Impactful Branding with Vehicle Advertisement in Dubai


Impactful Branding with Vehicle Advertisement in Dubai

Vehicle advertising is a dominant form of advertising not only in Dubai but in the whole world for different kinds of businesses. The mobility of the vehicle can fetch great results for your business. The attractive graphics and colors grab the attention of the public passing by the vehicle. For advertising your brand or company in Dubai you need to take a permit from RTA Roads and Transport Authority.

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai renders the permission, whether you can apply the submitted advertisement on the vehicle or not. The RTA review the advertisement prepared and then decide on the application of it on the vehicles. This form of advertisement is effective and budget-friendly as it can reach a wider audience.

There are three major forms of vehicle advertisement that can fetch great results for you:

Standard Wrapping Advertisement

This is the most standard type of van or car wrapping in which a vinyl sheet is been applied on the vehicle. In this, the brand name or logo is been showcased on the vehicle. Each door of the vehicle and the front and back of the vehicle has been covered in this form of advertisement.

It leaves a long-lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. It is a proven way of advertising and can fetch outstanding results from the investment been made by you or your company.

LED Vehicle Advertising

The modern way of vehicle branding is LED vehicle graphic advertising which is the most attractive way of branding both day and night. It is a great way to create an impression for your brand or company. LED screens on the vehicle can play video along with the sound that is suitable to convey your information to the general public.

It is a digital technology based on the latest technological solutions that provide an effective way of advertising to your brand. LED screen with media playing on it is hard to ignore for the general public.

Light Box Vehicle Branding

LED lightbox provides a 3D view of the advertisement as it offers round the clock visibility to the audience. This form of advertising is full of innovation and new technology. It can get extraordinary results at the time of promotional events, product launches, and many other similar services according to this.

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