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What does the heat of UAE mean for the outdoor graphics

How Long Will My Vinyl Signs Last?


This is the biggest question the customer has to ask to the signage company, before installing the graphics.

The market will have a variety price combination to choose from when it comes to outdoor vinyl.

Honest and reliable signage companies, who look at client from a long-term focus will demonstrate the difference between them.

We are a signage manufacturing company with over 20 years of presence in the market of UAE with ISO Certification.

Over 20 years, the market has seen various business cycles, however a company with solid and honest foundations will always survive the toughest of times.

We at Al Rizq always use the best quality vinyl, mostly made in Germany or USA. This vinyl, come with their own laminations to be use.

Also, not just the vinyl, Lamination and handling of media makes a difference in the product output, but also the ink’s used for printing. As an experienced signage manufacturer, we understand all these elements and only use original Mutoh Japanese inks for all our clients.

We take pride in our signage and graphic product offering and our reliable customers, across the sectors, of Government, Private, Hotels, Hospital also do think the same about us.