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Digital Signage – The Top 10 Pitfalls


Digital Signage – The Top 10 Pitfalls

To think about outdoor signage, nothing compares with digital signage. It is simple to use and mostly comes with broad advantages. Although digital signage offers numerous advantages, success depends on knowing how to optimize your display. Mistakes with digital signs may ruin a campaign. Errors can jeopardize the effectiveness of your digital signage in a few hours.

Here are the top ten pitfalls that you should know about digital signage –

1.      Wrong Location for screen

Even if your digital content is fascinating and compelling, if the display isn’t situated where people can easily see it from all sides, it won’t perform as well as you expect. Your ability to hold the audience’s attention is greatly influenced by viewing angles and screen placement. Fewer people will notice your messages if you place your digital in places with minimal traffic and activity. This will render your digital signage useless and fall short of its potential.

Digital Signage

2.      Incorrect screen brightness

When implementing digital signs, just remember the display brightness is a crucial component as well. You don’t want your digital sign to shine like the sun and destroy your audience’s eyes, but you also don’t want to make it too dark for them to see the content on the screen. You must remember to fix the issue while putting one for your business.

3.      The Incorrect Screen Size

Selecting the incorrect screen size while managing your signage is another frequent error. If you want your digital sign to work well for your business, size is essential. To ensure that visitors will not only see your signs but also read the content, it is important to select the proper screen size.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better with digital signs. A smaller screen size is sometimes necessary, even if a larger screen would provide you with a larger surface area to display your stuff on. If you use a small screen in places where viewers must be far away, your audience won’t be able to read the content.

4.      Displaying unbranded and impersonal content

Adding a personalized element to your content can make a difference. Add a language translation or a local phrase, for example, to tailor the material to the neighborhood and the customers that frequent your establishment.

You want people to remember both your brand and the message you are interpreting. Use your brand’s colors and design to make your digital signage information memorable long after the consumer has left your establishment.

5.      Not guiding your clients throughout their business journey

Digital signage is impactful and appealing. By informing, educating, and amusing viewers and customers, content may boost knowledge of a brand, a product, or a service. Despite this, failing to direct customers to take action after reading your information might jeopardize the success of your whole digital signage campaign since disinterested viewers will leave your screen.

A call to action (CTA) on-screen can be used to prevent client ignorance.

6.      Neglecting Digital Signage’s Potential

Making the most of multimedia features, such as offering video product training or rotating service graphics, will help you avoid making this digital signage error.

7.      Displaying Out-of-date content

By teaching your team to utilize digital signage software to update information instantly and schedule fresh content, you can avoid this digital signage error. You may also make a content calendar by scheduling it that aligns with your business plan.

8.      Having Too Much Content

Digital signage is undoubtedly a platform for distributing information to the general audience. Overloading the screen with information will result in a jumble that viewers will find challenging to sort through. People simply need to glance at a screen that is overflowing with text and graphics before thinking it is not worthwhile to read. With digital signs, you only get one chance to leave an impression. So, while putting content, do it in a creative manner.

Digital Signage

9.      Ineffective Content Strategy

Simply uploading material to your digital signage display is inadequate. It is crucial to thoroughly analyze the content’s purpose and the objectives you hope to achieve by showing it.

10. Ineffective Support from Software Provider

While you are in charge of most of your digital signs, a supplier is in charge of your software. For a recurring fee, your software supplier offers content management tools and functionalities for your digital sign.

The reasons why digital signage has flourished and will continue to excel are that its benefits far exceed its drawbacks. This is the new marketing platform that has outperformed other conventional strategies in terms of efficiently communicating the desired message and connecting with the target market.

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