Digital Signage - Five Things You Need To Know, Five May Not

Digital Signage – Five Things You Need To Know, Five May Not


Digital Signage – Five Things You Need To Know, Five May Not

Since the 90s, digital signage has been a popular and inexpensive way of advertising. It has made it feasible for businesses to produce content, and people have used it in marketing plans.

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Five Things You Need To Know About Digital Signage

1.      Digital signage increases employee engagement

Digital signage increases employee engagement by 25%. The visual impression that digital signage leaves are one of the primary factors in the advantages of employee engagement. The staff operation frequently requires quick information. With digital signage, quick access to crucial information has been made easier for workers who usually don’t use smart devices on the job.

Digital Signage

2.      The Eye-catching display attracts more customers

Statistic says – Digital signage can reach up to 70% of the population. As digital signages are dynamic, it attracts more views than static displays. Digital signage is 100 times more valuable than static signage. An image is worth a thousand words. Digital signage can stand out in a crowded environment. signage company in Dubai offers varieties of digital signages all around the UAE.

3.      Higher Rates of Retention and Recall

Many advertisements that are displayed in stores seek to persuade consumers to act right away. Examples of this are making a purchase, placing an order, or adhering to another type of instruction.

The goal is to inform customers about impending special offers, new deals, and more. Digital signage benefits from the inclusion of video since it guarantees greater recall rates than just static adverts. Customer impatience levels can be decreased, and waiting times can be avoided due to vibrant digital signage material. The consumer experience therefore improves.

4.      Precise Marketing with Digital Signage

One can use digital signage as a marketing solution to simply and successfully target his/her audience. If your customers are college-aged individuals, if you want to post an advertisement about a college recruitment drive, you must put the ad near the college. By more effectively reaching your audience it will benefit you more. You can gauge the performance of your marketing activities and benefit from greater transparency. According to customers, digital signage catches their attention 63% of the time.

Digital Signage

5.      Increases click-through rates on mobile

When out-of-home digital signage is used as assistance, click-through rates rise by almost 15%. With a follow-up ad or call to action, potential buyers can be retargeted using a mobile after being exposed to a specific advertisement. Businesses can also improve customer experience with digital signage by promoting cross-sells and upsells, which boosts revenues and makes consumers happy.

The customization capabilities are also one benefit that merits attention. With the help of digital signage, companies can directly design the ideal solution for each physical location.

However, knowing all these things about digital signs will definitely help someone decide whether to use them or not. For any business, knowing how big of an influence digital signage can have on their company is crucial.

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