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Cleaning & Maintenance of Braille Signs


Cleaning & Maintenance of Braille Signs

Cleaning & Maintenance of Braille Signs:

Brail signs are very much vague so they should be handled with much care and mild touch.

Braille signs manufacturing Dubai recommends cleaning Braille signs with a mild cleaning product that are not harmful for these signs.

Regardless of the material of manufacture, the best signage companies in Dubai recommend that Braille signs should only be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, or a glass cleaner that does not contain any alcohol. Furthermore, harsh abrasive chemicals or alcohol-based cleaning agents should always be avoided.

A briefed signage care as well as the authentic maintenance guide from the best signage companies in Dubai is discussed below.

Here are some tips for maintenance of braille signs:

1: Must Use a microfiber cloth:

To clean the digital screens, use a fiber cloth or a cloth that is soft and also lint-free. This goes for plastic screens as well. Also, these clothes are required to be changed at regular basis.  If you don’t want to damage the surfaces of the signs or want to avoid the snags on raised features of signs, then you should avoid using paper towel as well as rough rags.

2: Must Use water and soap:

Best and well-known signage companies in Dubai use Soap and they recommend using it to get rid of deadly viruses especially coronavirus – as we know that soap will break-down the lipid exterior of deadly viruses and kills it. You should always start by using a moist cloth along with soap, and water. For cleaning any touch-screen sign, always remember to squeeze out the excess water first and then you can start cleaning process.



3: Avoid getting water into the screen:

There is a proper method that you should follow while cleaning the digital touch screens by making sure that, there is no water inside the screen. You can do this by squeezing the cloth to remove as much of excess water as possible before using it for cleaning purpose. It is advisable to spray the cloth instead of screen in case you are preferring spray solution.

4: Always make sure to Dry these signs:

The best way to dry the sign after cleaning it is to dry it with a cloth that is soft. In this way dust will not stick to the surface of the signboard.

5: Avoid the usage of concentrated solutions:

As digital touchscreens as well as soft plastic signs can get damaged or cracked, if you use any harsh chemicals. So, better not to try those chemicals if you don’t want to destroy a beautiful signboard.



Following are some Dos and Don’ts while Cleaning and Maintaining Braille signs for blind people Dubai:


  • You should keep cleaning and dusting seasonally thesigns to make sure there is no dirt or residue and is necessary to keep the attraction of your sign. Braille signs manufacturing Dubai suggests that this technique should be applied 4 times per year, at a minimum.
  • A signage supplier in Dubai says that the excess parts should be removed first such as the frames, panels, and hardware for a deep clean.
  • Furthermore, it is also suggested that all detergent ingredients must be thoroughly read           for avoiding any damage.


  • Most famous Braille signs manufacturing Dubai suggests that you should never use any cloth that is previously used for cleaning any other surface and this can result in unwanted chemical reaction.
  • You should alwaysavoid the usage of any razor blades or any squeegees for the purpose of removing residue.
  • You should always allow cleaning solutions to get completely dry at the surface of

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