ADA Signs –Making the Lives of Disabled People in Dubai Easier

ADA Signs –Making the Lives of Disabled People in Dubai Easier


ADA Signs –Making the Lives of Disabled People in Dubai Easier

When it comes to disabilities, even the smallest change like placing an ADA signboard can make the biggest difference in the life of the disabled. There is always something you can change to make their life better.

Dubai the world’s friendliest place for the disabled

Dubai is taking a major step forward in this direction, by making itself the world’s friendliest place for the disabled. The country is aiming at increasing the services rendered to its customers with disabilities.

Some of the programs that are envisaged are Smart Gate Special Counters at the airports, guidelines in Braille, staff trained to help those with hearing and speech impairment, ease of wheelchair admission in buildings, parks, transport facilities, government offices and parking facilities close to the centers.

Dubai ensures that their guests are in a position to find the facilities easily, it is even more critical for disabled visitors to know where the accessible restrooms are located; appropriately placed signs facilitate people get there easily.

ADA compliant signs give visitors in wheelchairs peace of mind in knowing how to navigate through the premises. Dubai has placed ADA signage and also trained its staff in sign language to assist people having disabilities.

You can get the right ADA complaint sign made by the sign makers in Dubai. Dubai has taken the responsibility of protecting its people with disabilities and empowering them. The Dubai transport services have amenities for people with dissimilar types of disabilities. For guidance Dubai stations and metro carriages are fitted with audio and visual announcement systems, signboards show notifications and display of information for people with hearing and visual impairment. Suitably place floor signs make it easy for the handicapped person for their movement.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires the signboards either inside or outside your premises to be identified perfectly, making it easier for the handicapped to read them without any strain.

Advantages of ADA compliance

There are several benefits of following the ADA act:

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  • Symbols and Braille Characters: ADA compliance requires your signs to feature the international symbol of accessibility, making it easy to identify.
  • The color of the sign and the color of the lettering are to be in contrast; hence the symbols and the words are noticeable, thus making it easy to see and read.
  • Braille is a six dots coding system that is used by blind and visually impaired people in all languages. Braille signage translates into letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols and common words. A prominent Braille signage manufacturer in Dubai manufactures and supplies handrail Braille signs, Braille strips.
  • Braille characters help the visually impaired guests to read the signs easily.
  • Any other common symbol is to be clear and easy to understand. The background finish has to be anti-glare, so as to not to impede the visibility of the sign.

The Al Rizq Advertising is one of the best signage manufacturers in Dubai with an experienced team to prepare an appropriate design in compliance with the ADA act for your establishment. Contact Al Rizq Advertising today to help you support the disabled by placing ADA signage.