Braille Signs


Braille Signs

Why ADA Compliant signs are important in Braille

Al Rizq Advertising manufactures ADA Compliant braille signs in UAE.

Braille Signs when made are with an objective of meeting the needs of the persons who are blind or have low vision.

It is quite different from the signage that you and I perceive, read and comprehend.

Have you ever considered to read a text or comprehend a design or shape, just by running your fingertips over it? Well sure, it is definitely not an easy and you would open up your eyes to complete your understanding.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as privileged as you and hence the ADA (American Disabilities Act) has come up with standard practices for braille signs.

Based on extensive research and hard work a system is put in place, which defines the desired height of the braille dots, which can be most easily ready by blind and low vision likewise.

Just an illustration of the technical specifications for braille: –

  • Braille dots should have a domed or rounded shape—make sure they are not pointed or flat.
  • Braille dots must be raised from the surface of the sign plate. Engraved braille is impossible to read
  • The spherical radius of each dot should be 0.76-0.80 mm.
  • The base diameter of each dot should be 1.2-1.6 mm.
  • Each dot should have a height of 0.4-0.9 mm.
  • Horizontal and vertical spacing within the same cell should be 2.29-2.54
  • Spacing between one dot and the corresponding dot in the adjacent cell should be 6.0-7.6 mm.
  • Empty space between braille cells or words should be preserved or braille will be unreadable.
  • Vertical spacing (from 1 cell to the cell below) should be 10-10.5 mm.

We at Al Rizq Advertising, as a leading sign manufacturer in Dubai, will be happy to demonstrate you the sample products.

Similarly, ADA has laid out various guidelines, with regards to the color, shape, placement of signs, etc

If the guidelines of ADA are not followed, even though from your perspective the sign is installed, however the objective for the signs is not completed for the people of determination.