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The Benefits of Digital Signage

by in Signage. Posted May 25, 2019
The Benefits of Digital Signage Digital signage has dramatically changed how messages and advertisements are seen and heard. We are seeing less and less static, out of date posters which are gradually being replaced by changeable and even interactive electronic displays. There are many benefits of Digital Signage Companies in Dubai but here are just ...
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by in Signage. Posted March 30, 2019
As you may have heard – or not …… SMD’s are the leading technology for LED Displays now whether it is for indoor or outdoor LED Display / EMC Displays. So make sure you don’t get stuck using a manufacturer who is using the old DIP technology and purchasing their leftover stock. So you can ...
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Sign board the “Silent Salesman”

A key objective for any business is to create Sales and Visual Impact on brand building. A company’s 3D signboard in Dubai is ideal marketing and advertising option in sales generation and developing desired brand recognition. So, how does an attractive signboard achieve these objectives: – A)   Create Prospective Clients: – A signboard which can ...
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Another Achievement from Al Rizq Advertising

by in Signage. Posted August 2, 2018
Al Rizq Advertising is proud to present – “Outstanding Performance Certificate” for the signage service to the Ministry of Health and Prevention”. Without the support of our Loyal customers and Trusted Team, Al Rizq would not be able to achieve these milestones. A special thanks to all our stakeholders for the continuous support. Al Rizq ...
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How To Shape Indoor And Outdoor Marketing

by in Signage. Posted July 10, 2018
Numerous know about the term computerized, numerous know about the term advertising and numerous know about the term Agency as well yet the vast majority of them are unconscious of the term Digital promoting office. The person who knows its advantages come and thump the entryway of these digitalized organizations and the individuals who are ...
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Digital Signage Solution for Elevator

by in Signage. Posted May 29, 2018
why your Institute need Digital Signage for Elevator When people are waiting for the elevator, they’re more likely to focus on the information around them. there’s a good potential make your brand or product high value, Also the digital signage screens show more advertising to the potential customers, which is better than the poster. In addition, more and ...
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Are kiosks the future of digital signage?

by in Signage. Posted May 19, 2018
Are kiosks the future? That being said, we are seeing a shift towards more dynamic displays which try to capture customers at the moment and offer them truly relevant content. Because of this trend, the line between digital signage and kiosks will likely continue to blur. It is likely that for the immediate future, kiosks and ...
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