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Braille Signs

As a leading signage manufacturing company in Dubai, UAE, Al Rizq produces high-quality, design-specific Braille / Tactile Signs.  In order to facilitate accessibility for people of determination, our in-house team conceptualizes ADA Compliant Braille signages for effective wayfinding for the People Of Determination.  We aim to create optimum usability through a complete and comprehensive line of Wayfinding Signage options ranging from specialized Tactile Signage to Braille Signs and Raised Pictograms.

We have the best options for customized Patented ADA Compliant Signs for People of determination in Dubai.  With our in-house facility for manufacturing, expert design teams, and professional installation systems, we are your best choice to meet your requirements for Signs for Blind People in Dubai.

Al Rizq Group is the premier establishment to execute the order. Our wide repertoire of Wayfinding Signages are skillfully designed to consider:

  • Appropriate Typefaces and Line Spacing
  • Contrast Techniques
  • Correct Tactile and Braille Character Height
  • Non-Glare Finish
  • High Quality and Durable Materials
  • Expert Installation
Our professional teams will assist your establishment in determining the optimum sign placement locations and sign mounting heights.  We service all locations that need Wayfinding Braille and Tactile signages which include:

  • Hospitals / Office Buildings / Hotels, etc
  • Bathroom Facilities – toilets and showers for general use and specifically accessible facilities
  • Stairs, Elevators, and Ramps for People with Determination
  • Emergency Doors, Exits and Routes
  • Emergency Evacuation instructions and Cautionary Signs
  • Floor and Building Directories
  • Plus, all your other customized signage needs for People of Determination in Dubai

 Our experience and coverage ensure that you receive the best signs for people of determination.  Join our roster of satisfied clientele in Dubai, Sharjah and all over UAE.  With our stamp of professionalism, you can be confident that your vision will be executed flawlessly.  Please contact our Signage Specialists and Consultants to assist you in achieving the perfect message.

Flatbed / Raised printing

We have the in-house facility to make specialized signs for you with UV Raised printing.

With this technology, you could have great looking signages at a fraction of a cost with extreme durability.